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The White Wolf World of Darkness Role-Playing game is often best when those like you take it apart and form their own games. The books in all the versions give you the tools and basic foundation to build Campaigns and Chronicles. A Campaign generally is one story or one main metaplot that is played out within a single venue of character types. A Chronicle is broader as many stories that are streamed together and can involve many types of characters. The Featured Campaigns and Chronicles of this Dark City are moderated games that are player created and shared for gaming within this site (Chat & Forum).



The Proving Grounds

WtA Chronicle - A Camp for Cubs and Kinfolk supported by the City Septs and Caerns



City of Chaos

"Marco, do you even know what the Sabbat is?"
"Meh.  It doesn’t really matter, so long as I can do what I do, which is suck blood."