City of Chaos




Disclaimer: No Camarilla Kindred here


Setting: This chronicle will be set in New York city, though surrounding areas will featured from time to time, the majority of this will be in the Big Apple.

Theme: Intrigue - The central theme will be that of intrigue as it relates to being a vampire, though you have thrown off the shackles of mortality and become a free creature of the night. How free are you to do as you wish, are you being controled?

Mood; Lust/ Paranoia- The mood is a double sword (After all you are the sword of Caine) Lust to be free, to drink vitae do as one wants, but the paranoia of so many enemies both foreign and domestic. 

New York the greatest city the Sabbat has ever held is now in the hands of the Ivory Tower. In its fervor, arrogance and impatience, the Sabbat lost its foothold in New York as a result of numerical successes in other cities along the Eastern United States. The Camarilla has proven itself it does have teeth, more then many of the Sword of Caine would have thought. 

The Sabbat of New York city were reduced to ash, chased away or lay in hiding from the enforcers of the Camarilla. It has been three years since the city was lost, the Sword of Caine has consolidated its new holdings, as some now set their sights back to retaking the Big Apple. Though a civil war is on the horizon, tragedy has struck, the Regent Melinda Galbraith has been murdered, now the Sect is without leader. 

What role will you play in taking back the city that never sleeps??


You will be playing a member of the Sabbat, as of now all clans are allowed (except: Harbingers, Kiasyd, Blood Brothers Gargoyles,) Standard Creation from VtM (Revised) 

I am open for almost any character concept but again not at forsaken the story we will tell together. 

Any interest or questions please FPM Passional.